Monday, February 21, 2011

Dear, Dear, Dear

Dear New Kate Spade Wallet,
I cannot believe I found you and how lucky am I you were on sale! I had so much fun opening you up! It had been awhile since I treated myself. Your mustard yellow color is perfection! I am sorry for stuffing you so full, but I gotta wear you in somehow.
Bang for My Buck

Dear Spring Clothing,
Your are a temptress beyond belief, wowza. Your timing is terrible. Why do you always have to show up when it's still freezing outside. You are officially the biggest tease in town.
Totally Tempted

Dear Legs,
When do you think you will be ready to run again? I know I have let you rest for almost a year, but I am starting to get anxious. Maybe you will just take off one of these days? I need a little push. K, thanks!
Hope to see you soon,
Lazy Lu


  1. i totally feel you and the need to change up the wardrobe! i am in need of some fun in a sundress!