Friday, October 29, 2010

Have A Happy Halloween Weekend!

Boo! I love Halloween, probably because it's during fall, which I love of course, but also because I feel like no matter what age you are, it is always appropriate to dress up. Why oh why can't I think of something clever? I am so sick and tired of the default indian and hippie costumes. Snookie will be overdone and I not about to be a slutty referee. HELP! At this point I am over the whole costume thing, I am really just praying for some king size candy bars, almond joy anyone? For now, here are my fab findings of the week, enjoy!

New favorite blog: A Lovely Being (truly lovely)

Geeking out over this handsome groom's sexy specs

I love a good chunk

These would make my holiday very happy

As good as Halloween gets (take me back)

Large loads

Sage green is really doing it for me lately

Do they ever do anything wrong? I think not.

My, what beautiful (claw)feet

A pad I'd totally crash (via seesaw)

Dreaming about this sewing studio

Just another group of well-dressed peeps in the NYC, shocker

Thursday, October 28, 2010


What could better than these absolutely beautiful coral tree peonies in a Saipua arrangement? Not too sure at the moment.

(via saipua)

Darling Doodles

Honest to goodness I have looked at these doodles for so long now, over and over, that my eyes are starting to ache. Thanks to twitter (my new unhealthy obsession) I stumbled across this darling, oh-so very darling blog. Today I Bought is the blog of Kate Spade Graphic Designer, Katie Evans (is it just me or does every single person who works for Kate Spade have the cutest names, maybe it's a requirement?). Katie doodles her recent purchases and usually adds a quirky little saying to further explain the purchase. I know I keep calling them doodles, but to me, they are the most fantastic doodles I have ever seen. Thank you, thank you, thank you Katie for sharing what you buy and do me a favor, keep on spendin'!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Beautiful Face

Whether you love her or hate her, how could one deny that face? Kim K looks drop-dead gorgeous in this photo. I will say she needs to settle down with all the makeup she cakes on, but W magazine does a great job showing off Kim's natural beauty. Kim, I would never say you are my role model, but when it comes to looks, I'm down with what you got!


I am loving these beautiful portraits taken by the talented photographer, Tec Petaja. His work is something to see. Tec's simplistic style has me staring long and hard.


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Getting Ahead of Myslef/Mother Nature

Even though I am big on seasons, I must say, I cannot remember ever dreaming about the winter season, other than Christmas, a few good snows, and curling up by the fire. I am not the biggest fan of frigid weather. However, the other day I found myself in Lucky trying on this snow hat and... a little part of me became the teeniest bit excited for a winter day cold enough to sport this festive accessory. I am, always have been, and always will be sucker for red.

Monday, October 25, 2010

State of Mind

I have a mixture emotions going on today. I would say right now I am unfortunately stuck on the top adjective, "worried." I am hoping as the week progresses and if I can stay on task and bust through my to-do list, I will begin to feel both "calm" and "elated." A busy, busy week, with a lot on my mind. I thought this shelf was the perfect depiction of my life, organized to an extent, but in much need of some fine-tuning.

A Pumpkin Picking Kind of Weekend

Please forgive me for my recent absence, I was busy playing mom and picking pumpkins. Starting Thursday morning and ending this evening, I was playing mom to my favorite kids! I had the best time hanging out with these little rugrats. One of the highlights was the trip to the pumpkin patch with Maura. After riding ponies, drinking fresh-squeezed lemonade, and face paint, Maura chose the her five favorite pumpkins. I'm pretty sure she analyzed close to 100 pumpkins before finding the perfect five! Kids are the best reminders to live in the moment and make the simplest task an absolute blast! Hope you all made the most out of your weekend! Here are a few posts from around web, enjoy!

(PS- I am really wondering how blogging moms do it?)

Behind the scenes of Fossil

Making me wish I went a few inches shorter

In the need of some chic stationary (via neo-traditionalist)

Craving a night out on the town, similar to this one

Unbelievable painted people

My favorite of Mrs. Lilien's persuasions, check out the rest here

An Insightful installation

Wouldn't mind working here every day

A sneak peek of the holiday season

Whatever this appears to be, I want it

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Swoon City

Can't stop swooning/drooling over this beautiful couple's French wedding. The view, her dress, his smile, the intimate gathering... perfection! What more could a girl ask for? I Do (to all of the above)!

Must Try Red Velvet

I am so impressed with this "sweet" little Bostonian logo. I love the clean, simplistic look. If this doesn't do it for you, I dare you to take one bite into their red velvet cupcake... I double dog dare you.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Hung Up

One of our very talented friends, Margie T, has absolutely impeccable taste and it really shows, as she chose a fun photo of Jackie O to frame above a buffet piece in her dining room. How creative is this? I am in love with this masterpiece! The black and white and the gold frame fits the room perfectly. And, who wouldn't want to stare at the beautiful, always slender Jackie O every time you stuff your face at the dining room table?

Monday, October 18, 2010

One Day. One Day

One day, oh one day (cross my fingers sometime sooner than later) I will own this car!

Prep Work

While the seasons are changing I find myself having to mentally prepare for the cool weather. Switching out my clothes, digging out my wool socks and hats, and layering my bed with warm blankets and pillows. Toast has given me the push to begin my prep work. So many inspiring, warm pieces to keep me dreaming on these chilly fall nights.

(via toast)

Friday, October 15, 2010

Happy Fall Weather Weekend

I cannot get enough of the lovely leaves changing colors. I could honestly drive around all day with the windows down, admiring the beautiful changing of seasons! Fall, you will always and forever be my number 1! Above is one of my favorite trees I stumbled upon while visiting beautiful Boston (I will be back shortly, I must go back).
Although we have another three wedding weekend, I am hoping to spend lots of time outside enjoying the perfect temp. Happy fall weather weekend! Enjoy!

I spy: autumn

October to-do-list

St. Augustine, I hope to see you sometime in the near future

Hermione's pop of color

A must-have for my bed's makeover

Me too!

Something sexy about this tat, even though I would never get one myself

Ready for breakfast

Thursday, October 14, 2010

I'm starting to believe it when they say, "distance makes the heart grow stronger."

Happy Birthday Lonny!

Lonny just turned one! I would love to wish them the happiest of birthdays! This incredible online magazine has come a long way in just one year, quite an accomplishment; congratulations! Above are a few of my favorites from their anniversary issue. Thank you Lonny always for providing me with the prettiest of homes and decor!

(via lonnymag)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Free Spirit

We have fallen deeply in love with these gorgeous roses with the well-suited name, Free Spirit! With their ruffley edges, variant hues of color, and their lively presence, we have found them very hard to pass by without grabbing a few (bunches). Free Spirit, you have found our weak spot!


The way I wish my hair would fall (minus the roots)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Chopped It

Before: Back in a pony of course
After: Fresh new do

I did it, I chopped it. I loved it the day I got it, the way my hairdresser styled it, but of course I cannot perform the magic she so easily did so I have found myself in a bind. What to do with newly cut short hairs that end up looking like a completely greasy flat top when air dried or a terrible 90s blunt cut after a quick blow dry. Help...


Every time I get the new J.Crew catalog, I wish more than anything that I still fit into kids sizes. I feel like I am being tortured when I flip through the crew cuts section and see these little tykes dressed in the most adorable outfits. Even though my mom has impeccable taste and dressed me pretty dang cute when I was young, the thought of looking like any of these miniature models is far beyond me. Oh, what I would give...

(via j.crew)