Friday, October 29, 2010

Have A Happy Halloween Weekend!

Boo! I love Halloween, probably because it's during fall, which I love of course, but also because I feel like no matter what age you are, it is always appropriate to dress up. Why oh why can't I think of something clever? I am so sick and tired of the default indian and hippie costumes. Snookie will be overdone and I not about to be a slutty referee. HELP! At this point I am over the whole costume thing, I am really just praying for some king size candy bars, almond joy anyone? For now, here are my fab findings of the week, enjoy!

New favorite blog: A Lovely Being (truly lovely)

Geeking out over this handsome groom's sexy specs

I love a good chunk

These would make my holiday very happy

As good as Halloween gets (take me back)

Large loads

Sage green is really doing it for me lately

Do they ever do anything wrong? I think not.

My, what beautiful (claw)feet

A pad I'd totally crash (via seesaw)

Dreaming about this sewing studio

Just another group of well-dressed peeps in the NYC, shocker

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