Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Chopped It

Before: Back in a pony of course
After: Fresh new do

I did it, I chopped it. I loved it the day I got it, the way my hairdresser styled it, but of course I cannot perform the magic she so easily did so I have found myself in a bind. What to do with newly cut short hairs that end up looking like a completely greasy flat top when air dried or a terrible 90s blunt cut after a quick blow dry. Help...


  1. Lucy, I think this is such a cute cut! I'm going to get mine done at a place run by an art gallery this weekend. I'm excited/nervous, but hope it turns out just as fun as yours!

  2. Suz! You are the cutest! Thanks for the nice comment! Your hair would look cute any way! Can't wait to see it!