Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Simple Staples

I am going on my fourth week of avoiding the grocery store and I couldn't be more proud! Prior to these four weeks I was on a fairly routine schedule of going to the grocery every other week and making a monthly trip to costco (which is still key). Within these four weeks of grocery deprivation, I have by no means been kept hungry, I have simply learned how to live on my "must-have supply of simple staples." I have saved money, gas, time, and calories; money being key! Knowing I can save money and still fill my belly has me sharing my secrets with my broke college sister. Willing to share my long list with whomever ever wants in, but for now I will stick to the staples (in no order of importance).
  1. bread
  2. potatoes
  3. pasta/quinoa
  4. cheese (sliced and crumbled)
  5. peanut butter
  6. salt and pepper
  7. hot sauce
  8. olive oil/salad dressing
  9. chicken and turkey (sparely) 
  10. eggs
  11. cereal
  12. pretzels
  13. nuts
  14. popcorn
  15. water
Big keys: buy in bulk. costco or sams club membership is well worth it. non-perishable. easy prep.

Reading through the recipes in my roommates real simple magazines typically seems far from a reality, especially when groceries are far and few between and when meat has become a delicacy. However, if you look hard enough... dreams do come true. Amazing when you are only short one or two ingredients!

Sorry to bore, but lately I can't say enough about my simple staples.

(via real simple)

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