Saturday, April 24, 2010

Have a Relaxing Weekend!

Hope you all have a relaxing weekend! Wedding season is officially here... with three weddings tomorrow, Bloomin' Buckets is back in full force. To mentally prepare, my mom and I went out on a little date this evening and had a lovely time! For those of you who live in Saint Louis and have not been to Katie's Pizzeria, I highly recommend it! Delicious food and the greatest decor, I will definitely be making it a regular hang out! Well, enjoy the weekend and if you can, kick your feet up!

Swooning over this wedding (thanks Nora) ps Cheree did all the paper decorations

Awesome studio work

I wish I could paint like this

Creative advertising

A bright and friendly reminder!

Get creative right here

Fun, new, small vases we purchased for Bloomin'

A quirky throw

She & Him coming to the Lou

Crushing on the outfit and the girl

My dream job on Oprah

Moroccan video

(This photo is taken by my talented older sis, KC)

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