Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Meaning of "Green"

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I would say it was about two years ago when I became very interested in the environment. I lived in a sorority house and quickly realized how much was actually wasted, whether it was food, water, energy, or paper. I decided it was time that I did something to make a change. I began by taking very small steps. The amount of paper, plastic bottles, and aluminum cans that piled up in our trash bins urged me to take that first step. I created a recycling system for our house. Still searching to take further action, I searched for others who felt the same way I did and quickly discovered a student club on campus entitled, Greeks Go Green. This newly created club consisted of a group whose overall goal was to create awareness among the Greek community on how to become more green. The Greeks Go Green 'Energy Challenge' challenged houses to become more consciously aware of the amount of water and energy they were using on a daily basis and because of this, houses lowered their overall consumption.
Part of "My little 'green' clutch" is to inform you of how and why you should make conscious decisions that will enable you to change the world by bettering our environment! I have several tid bits of information I will be sharing with you to help you take your first steps!
Change the World for Ten Bucks is an informative, yet cheap book of 50 simple everyday actions everyone can do! Their philosophy is simple, "small actions x lot of people = big change"

"Action 01: Decline plastic bags when possible":
"Every person in the country uses an average of 330 plastic bags each year. That's 100 billion plastic bags all together. A plastic bag can take up to 500 years to decay in the landfill."

*Learn more about Plastic Bag Recycling

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