Friday, May 21, 2010

Have a Relaxing Weekend

I hope you all have a relaxing weekend! I think it's finally supposed to be a bright and springy day here and I am more than thrilled! Au Revoir!

I'm a sucker for breakfast

Behind the Curtain and loving it

Inspiration, with a Spanish feel

SeeSaw sneak peak

These would make even water look fabulous

Newly found blog of the week

A little taste of what's to come

Just surprised Meghan with these balloons for her birthday and here they are again!

Loving this look, especially the red specs

One day for my home on the beach!

Just a quirky little abode, that I have madly fallen for

Possibly my new favorite couple (scroll through)

If price was not an issue, you would see me wearing this & this very frequently

If either of these were my cubicle, I would be in love (via destinedtodesign)

Browse through H&M's Ultimate Summer

I am dreaming of desserts

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