Monday, May 3, 2010

Happy Monday

Hope you all had a splendid weekend. My apologies for not posting these past few days, I have been quite the busy bee. But I have some great posts to share with you all! I thought I would also share this wonderful picture with you taken by the talented Naomi Megan when her and her husband, Josh, went to Mexico. Anywho, enjoy your Monday! Happy Blogging!

Check out my friend, Eating Lemon's, photography blog, amazing!

Glass Baby gives back (Thanks Lynn)

Pretty little ladies

Swatch watches are back & my mom's ahead of the game (she got the orange)

I would love to work daily in either of these spaces

Love the name of this blog and the blog itself

Little scraps of paper, found on the lovely blog, Mint

The most important meal of the day, simply breakfast (by Jennifer Causey)

Simply Paris (also by Jennifer Causey)

Newly purchased: cheap, cute swim suit

Icons by an Icon, amazing images from Tods new exhibition

My favorite blog got a new header and I'm in love!

Inspiring newly found blog, Tear It Out

Adorable & creative save the dates

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