Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Dear, Dear, Dear

Dear Lingering Pre-Thanksgiving Feast Aroma,
Thanks for sticking around. I love nothing more than to be constantly reminded of Thanksgiving food. I would not mind if you stuck around forever. Come Thursday, your scent will grow stronger and my love will grow deeper!
Hungry Always,
Sweet Potato Pumpkin Pie

Dear Vanilla Lattes,
Why am I addicted to you? It doesn't seem to matter where you are from, without fail I will guzzle you down like it's my job. My cravings for you are endless, but they must stop. My wallet is empty and my teeth are changing colors.
Enough is Enough,

Dear Holiday Season,
I excitedly wait all year for you to come around, but I have to ask you one question. Why do you bring out the crazies? What is it about you that causes some(most) people to bitch and moan, to drive like idiots/clog the streets and parking lots, and to simply forget what you are all about? Enough with the stress cases, please make 'em stop.
Tis the Season,

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