Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Weather Outside is Frightful...

But the snow is so delightful! This weekend the snow has not stopped. Tt is such a pretty snow! I have spent the entire weekend lounging around, trying to avoid the slippery streets. I'm starting to believe Indianapolis does not own any snow plows. The few times I was out driving I saw tons of little kids out playing in the snow. I don't care if you are two or 52, no one is too old to play in the snow. My little sister, Liz, took this picture last year when she and all her friends went sledding. All of those little black dots are people sledding down Art Hill in Forest Park. How I wish there were snow days in the work force. I'm going to keep dreaming, but for now here are a few great posts!

Two new favorite blogs: la petite choue & catch me if you fran (st. louie girl)

These would make great vases

Practical Antlers

Folksy Mod Holiday from Design Sponge

Just added to my wish list: Glamourai's Gucci purse

The perfect pouches

Carpet Bag for all my "future" travels

If I only knew how to ski

Coldplay Christmas Lights

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