Monday, April 25, 2011


This clean, refreshing glass of Pom tea is a perfect depiction of what my body needed this Monday after a long family-fun-foodfrenzy-filled weekend. Two extra hours of sleep and an hour-and-a-half yoga class did the trick! As expected home was wonderful, but also as expected, the return back was a struggle... too little sleep, too much food, and separation from the fam with the unknown of when I will be seeing them again. The day is closing shut, but my eyes are wide open. Good thing I have lots of work that will hopefully put me straight to sleep. Hope you all had a great Easter weekend!

P.S. I love the simple design of this Pom tea. I tore this ad from an old magazine to add to my inspiration binder and I'm sure glad I did because it seems that they no longer make these glass jars. Okay enough. Good night my little love buckets! Sleep tight!

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