Monday, April 4, 2011

Monday Manners

Along with moving out of the parents house comes the urge to host fabulous dinner parties. But then life and reality set in and your frequently fabulous dinner parties that you have played out a million times end up happening, once, maybe twice a year if you are lucky. Regardless of the amount of times your dream dinner parties come true, a girl MUST know how to do it right... enters Manners by Kate Spade.

This cute little book has been my go to for numerous occasions. Kate Spade sums it best, "Life is a bowl of cherries - as long as you know what to do with the pits."

So here lies the answers to all your questions you may have about serving wine at your next fabulous dinner party.

Quantity - Estimate one bottle of wine for every two people. It's better than having extra than not enough.

Wine Glasses - Set out glasses for each type of wine you plan to serve.

Sequence - Traditionally white before red and dry before sweet.

Holding the Glass - For room-temperature wines, hold wine glasses or goblets under the bowl. Chilled wines should be held by the stem of the glass.

I hope Kate can help you out as much as she helped me. May your next dinner party be your best!

(text via Manners by Kate Spade and photo via)

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