Thursday, November 10, 2011

Merry Creativity!

A little pre-season holiday cheer for you all this morning! Last week I attended the holiday window display workshop at Anthropologie where we spent two hours tapping, cutting, and bombarding the visual coordinator with well over 21 questions. What a dream job! It was incredible to learn of all the time and work that goes in to each window display. The coolest part is that headquarters sends each store a protocol of the upcoming display and allows each visual coordinator to do with it what they wish. A longitude of creativity... what more could one ask for!

After the workshop you can imagine I was on a high, my brain was running wild with ideas so naturally I spent the rest of the night(/morning) looking through the 200+ Anthropologie Facebook albums. Crazy, yes. Regretful, no!

The above holiday display is one of my favorites. Who the hell would think to take white paper plates, tie-dye them green and create a christmas tree? I love it! If you ever have a lot of time on your hands, feel like pulling an all nighter, or craving inspiration, I recommend Anthropologie's Facebook page.

(completely bummed I didn't bring my camera to the workshop. all I have are mental snapshots, none to share. but sooner than later we will all get to see the finished product, the 2011 holiday window masterpiece! this will mark the official beginning to my holiday season.)

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