Monday, November 21, 2011

Tis the Season

My favorite holiday of the year is less than three days away, what the H-E-double hockey stick? Where does the time go? I swear? I am completely disappointed in myself for the delay of my pre-season excitement. Thanksgiving dinner will be served on my very own kitchen table at 1700 folkstone and for that I am blessed!

Besides spending five whole days with my family, I am looking forward to 1) being home sweet home 2) listening to Zooey Deschanel belt out my favorite tunes of the season. 3) Passing my grandma's famous stuffing around our big long table, full of bloomin' buckets and wine glasses galore. 4) Stuffed to the brim, I will make my sister paint one hand and my mom the other 5) while lounging beneath this waffle knit blanket. Tis the season!

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