Thursday, June 16, 2011


Sarah over at Saipua is 100% of the time, DEAD ON! Not only with her jaw-dropping floral designs, but with just about every thought she mentally creates. If there was no such thing as being creepy, I would (without a doubt) comment on every single one of her posts, letting her know I am in complete agreement. I have pulled myself together and refrained. However, her most recent post has me wanting to jump on the next flight out to Brooklyn to greet Sarah with a hug and let her know she stole the thoughts right out of my head.

"I've been avoiding the computer and the internet a lot lately. Quit my facebook. Thinking of quitting twitter too... it sucks my time and I'd rather just look out the window than know who's boinking who (metaphorically) in the blog-o-sphere. but it's weird how addictive that shit is... how you check those things 40 times a day to find out what's happening (nothing) just a lot of borrowed images tumbling around."

Couldn't have said it better myself.

How can I stop my blog and twitter addiction? Enough is enough. It depresses me to think how much time I spend looking at tweets that mean nothing to me, but that for some reason I feel obliged to read. Or how about archiving years back on a newly discovered blog. What the hell is my deal? My cluttered mind is in need of a serious vacation. I need to clear my head of all things that will not matter tomorrow.

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  1. i could not agree more. I find myself looking at facebook a million times a day it seems. I have become so bored with it that i am even considering twitter it spice it up. What I should really be doing is finding a hobby that excites me and bring some good into the world.