Tuesday, June 14, 2011

What's a Girl To Do

My birthday is around the corner and I hate to admit it, but presents are on the mind. As my age has increased, the amount of "wants" on my birthday list has decreased. When I was younger it was apparent quantity overruled quality (you should see the amount of baby dolls in the basement closet at my parents. absolutely ridiculous). So along with maturity comes wishing for less crap and just a few timeless treasures.

At the top of my list this year, as I turn 25 (holy shit), is a new purse. But here lies a decision I have to make. Two completely different purses. Different looks, material, color, style, and straps. What's a girl to do? Which one should I pick? The J.Crew pecan leather Edie purse or the Kaufmann-Mercantile olive green Duluth pack canvas backpack? HELP!

(via j.crew and kaufmann-mercantile)


  1. the.j.crew.edie.purse. 100% i saw it in person and its amazing

  2. i am in agreement. timeless leather! although, wouldn't it be nice to have both so i could swap one out for the other whenever i felt like it? calllll meee!

  3. ditto, edie purse for suuure. beautiful.