Thursday, September 2, 2010


Today is the only day ever where the whole day could and should be devoted to this lovely crew! September 2, 2010 (9/02/10). When 90210 is premiered in 1990 I was only four years old and therefore not allowed to watch the show. I had no idea what I was missing until about two years ago when my sisters and I rediscovered the show. Lucky for us Soap Net started playing 90210 and after watching one corny episode we were hooked. We started DVRing as many as possible and would rush home from work to watch them. I am actually embarrassed to tell you how late I would stay up watching these oh-so-clever episodes. With a busy schedule and neither sisters at home, I have sadly paused 90210 for the time being. I just thought I would devote the day to some of my favorite pals. Hope all you other fans do the same!


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  1. dork. i wasn't allowed to watch 90210 either when i was little, but my babysitter use to video tape it and let me watch it!