Monday, May 16, 2011

A True Gem

I have never been one to adorn myself in jewels. When it comes to jewelry I am about as boring as they come. One simple silver ring, a pink rubber bracelet in memory of my aunt, my good ole' Timex, and occasionally my turquoise teardrop earrings. But do not let my naked limbs fool you. I love jewels, but usually opt for a fresh new T or another pair of unneeded shoes. But turquoise, that beautiful medley of blue and green and sometimes gold, I lust for this ornate gem, any glance I get. When browsing through Anthropologie the other day I came across this uhhh-maaa-zinnggg-ly organic ring. Turquoise it is and turquoise I must have! It's about time I add a little color to my fingers!

(via anthropologie)

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