Friday, August 27, 2010

A Garden Party

I mentioned in my last post that one of my besties, Nora, graduated this May and to celebrate her victory she threw a little bash in her parents backyard, aka, a garden party. My oh my, what a delight! Her parents' gardens of lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, and countless other surprises, served as pleasant backdrop. From the overflowing peonies to all of Nora's favorite foods, from the big gold "N" balloon to the hand-crafted pom poms and lastly to the beautifully created invitations (via Cheree Berry Paper), Nora's garden party was a success! Cheers to you Nora and a celebration I will always remember!

P.S. Nora finally took the plunge and started her own blog. I am so incredibly excited for all things to come! Welcome!

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