Saturday, June 12, 2010

Ask the Expert

I have been missing in action for the past two days, but I must admit I have a very good excuse. On Thursday two photographers from Martha Stewart Weddings magazine came to Bloomin' Buckets to do a photo shoot! Oh my gosh! What a treat it was! We have been working harder than ever this week to prepare for such an occasion. With everyones hard work, creative ideas, and long hours, I have never seen our store look better! The two most adorable photographers shot my mom and I. We will be featured in the section called, "Ask the Expert." However, we do not know when we will appear in the magazine. They come and shoot a lot of "experts" of different realms of the wedding industry and then randomly (or strategically) place them throughout different issues. Congrats to Cheree Berry Paper who was the "expert" graphic designer and also a huge thanks to Cheree for recommending Bloomin' Buckets as the "expert" Saint Louis florist.

So big news for the Buckets! It has been a very exciting week, ending with six weddings, yikes. Three down, three to go. One more thing. Congratulations to my beautiful and humble mother, I cannot think of a more deserving person to get asked to be in Martha Stewart Weddings! I am so proud of you mom!

Here are some more pictures from our oh so talented Lynn!

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