Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Public Pianos hit the streets of NYC

Sing For Hope, a non-profit arts group recently placed 60 pianos around the streets of New York City. The Huffington Post says, "Their mission is to 'bring the arts to the people,' said Camille Zamora, one of the founding directors of the organization." This is the coolest thing to me. How fun for any person walking around the city just to plop down on a random piano bench and tickle the ivories. What a fun new sound for the city streets. This instillation only lasts for two weeks however, but after the two weeks is up the pianos will be donated to certain schools and hospitals. So if you are in New York City, listen while you can! If you are not in NYC, check out this inspiring video and this one

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  1. i think they did this in london already... soooo cool!!!