Monday, June 14, 2010

Happy Monday

Today I am taking a "break" from my day job to finish up my personal website, which I must admit has taken me way too long to complete. I am going to do all it takes to finish this puppy so I can hopefully get it up and running by late this week. Once I get my work done, I will have a bit of a celebration this evening. My dear friend Nora has invited me to the Edward Sharpe concert this evening at the Pageant. I am so excited because I have not seen Nora for a little while and I always have the best time with her! I am also pumped because even though I am embarrassed to admit this, I have never been to the Pageant. So today I am thrilled to know there is a light at the end of the tunnel. P.S. I am very excited to eventually show you all my website. Hope you all have a great Monday! Tah-tah!

(This awesome photo was taken by my sister KC)


  1. I CANNOT wait to see the website!! I love you tons lulu!

  2. i love when i'm mentioned in your posts :)