Monday, June 14, 2010

Lonny 5

Lonny Issue # 5 is out and, as always, it is incredible! I am loving the 1) pop of the pink candles 2) the chic linen headboard with the gold studs 3) the quirky flamingo 4) all of the white with touches of bold colors 5) and most of all I am in love with this Hamptons kitchen. I find myself dreaming about big kitchens. Kitchens bring everyone together and for me the kitchen is the main source of entertainment. If I could only have one room in a house, it would definitely be a kitchen. I can imagine good friends and family all standing around this kitchen laughing, drinking, cooking, and eating! There is nothing better!

Each Lonny issue is better than the next! I absolutely love the idea of this paperless magazine. In my opinion, it makes things so easy for all of the readers. Almost everything shown in the magazine has a link you can click on that will take you to the main source. It makes purchasing so easy. I obviously also love how almost all of the items they promote are eco-friendly. I could look at this magazine 1,000 times over, each and every time finding something else I love. Lonny, thanks for all you do, you truly inspire me!


(via Lonny mag)

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