Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A $3.00 Masterpiece

This past summer I was driving down my street, heading to work when I saw the cutest little blondie/blue eye boy you could ever imagine! He was at the end of his driveway holding a little sign above his head. That was it, I once again was going to be late for work, but I didn't care, I had to stop. When I looked out my window I saw no cups... no lemonade... no pitcher of any liquid... What could this little dumpling be selling? Perplexed I immediately inquire,

"Sugar plum, what is it you are selling?"
"What kind of pictures do you have?"

He proudly walked over to his mailbox, pulled out a folder, and walked back over to show me his work. He had about 12 pieces of 8.5 x 11 white computer paper, each penciled with a flower, doodle, or stick figure and a large price written largely at the top. My heart melted. I sat there for about five minutes badgering the miniature pumpkin with questions. He stood there responding with one word answers, praying his responsiveness would lead to a big sale. I looked through his pile once again, found the most expensive piece of merchandise, and shook his hand!

I still look back at the sale I made with that little puddin' and smile! To me, that $3.00 piece of artwork is worth all the money in the world!


  1. i second that, that's adorable and that is why i love you

  2. i just commented on another post but this is just too much! =)