Monday, January 24, 2011

Spring Uniform

Although I have been a long-time lover of jeans, thick cable-knit sweaters, heavy coats, and wool socks, I am not a fan of a Casper-white face and legs that have not seen the sunlight in over four months. I have spent the past few nights shivering underneath my sheets, dreaming of bare legs and sun-kissed skin.

Yesterday, with the intent of finding some new back work pants (boooring), I headed to J.Crew to find everything but. According to retailers, spring is here! In hopes of a near, sunny future, I have put together my ideal spring uniform. Nothing fancy, just comfortable and interchangeable. Something I can jazz up with a scarf and jewelry or play down with my sandals and unpolished toe nails. Maybe I should be thankful the sun isn't out yet as my funds for this daily ensemble are insufficient.

(via J.Crew)

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