Thursday, January 6, 2011

Dear, Dear, Dear

Dear Cubicle,
I strongly DISLIKE you. Please work with me here. You are completely new to me and I am having a hard time adjusting. Thanks.
Ants in my Pants
P.S. You are really making it hard for me to have good posture.

Dear Paycheck,
Please, please, please come quickly. I am anxiously awaiting your arrival and often times wish you came more frequently. I am hoping when you do arrive you completely exceed my expectations!
Broke as a Joke

Dear Oven-Roasted Turkey & Cheddar Cheese Sandwich,
I thought I should let you know how much I look forward to eating you! You are sliced perfectly! I think about you all morning long and sometimes consider eating you come 10:00 am, you little temptress you! My mouth is watering just talking about you!
See you soon,
Sucker for Sandwiches

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  1. lucy, i love this! im glad to see your blog is coming along so wonderfully. i hope indianapolis is treating you well!